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Asymmetric indirect luminaires that are state-of-the-art and equally uncompromising. A brand resolute that in its quest to provide the highest-quality materials to yield an exacting standard of performance.

Economical suspended indirect - specializing in quality-formed steel product.

Leader in high abuse lighting. Fail-Safe offers a full range of vandal-resistant to maximum-security lighting, as well as lighting for the most stringent clean-room and surgical environments. Check out the "VR2000" and "Harmony" series decorative vandal-resistant products, featuring the award-winning "Terrapin."

Nation's leading residential recessed downlight and track light manufacturer. Ask about the energy-saving "airtight" recessed downlights and the new "Linea" miniature low-voltage track system.

Lighting is an integral element to our culture. Whether for security, general illumination or aesthetic highlighting, how we create and use light to enhance the view of our world today is a direct reflection of the tapestry of our society. INVUE Lighting Systems embraces this association as a unifying theme for our product creations. Luminaries that blend to their environments while providing controlled illumination to enhance them. While simplistic in premise, the application of illumination requires luminaries that efficiently harness and shape the bare lamp. Via a commitment to innovative design and superior material application, INVUE luminaries reduce glare, improve visibility, and optimize efficiency to harmoniously affect their environments.

IO Lighting is a leading manufacturer of LED luminaires. IO specializes solely in LED lighting and offers a range of luminaires for commercial application.

Specification-grade architectural recessed downlighting for the high-end home. Iris technology features airtight construction, center-beam optics, exceptional cut-off, interchangeable lamp sources and cohesive aesthetics.

Indoor/Outdoor Industrial HID manufacturer for all your floodlighting, area lighting, wall pack, hi-bay and low-bay needs. Ask your salesperson for information on the new "Impact" series, full cut-off cast wall luminaries.

Low-voltage landscape specialists with a full range of well, wall, bullet and accent features. HID line with featured exterior gobos.

Architectural Outdoor Area Lighting. Ask for a brochure on the new "Vision" family of architectural performance area, flood, wall and bollard fixtures.

Your full-line fluorescent manufacturer - strips, lay-ins, parabolic, wraparounds, wall brackets and industrials. The "Ovation" series offers the most efficient recessed indirect in the marketplace. Our award-winning "Aerial" offers a contemporary alternative to the conventional wraparound and features high-output T5 technology.

The smart way to wire large or small quantity applications. These interchangeable modular components to install and relocate fixtures, save time and money vs. conventional hardwiring. Thus, making any lighting configuration portable and versatile.

Specializing in special environment including linear direct/indirect extrusions with striking appearance and unbeatable performance. Neoray has a full spectrum of wall-mounted, recessed and surface-mounted fixtures for the high-tech office environment. Neoray also offers hospital bed lights, recessed indirect and perimeters systems.

Finally, the separation of Cooper specification downlights from the Halo recessed residential. Cast aluminum construction, 45-55 degree cut-off both lamp and lamp image, unbeatable photometry, and the availability of all lamp sources. See the new induction lamp fixtures, a new offering of Deco trim rings, and the new "PDS" series. "PDS" features Portfolio performance in a cost-saving steel housing.

The leader in retail presentation lights, combo lights and multi-lamp luminaries, miniature low-voltage, recessed downlighting featuring "quiet ceiling" technology, 60 amp busway track systems, theatrical aisle lighting, festoon lighting, tubelights, and landscape string lights, innovative new technology.

The premier San Francisco area-based architectural lighting company managed by architects. Pendants, bowls and sconces of the finest quality. See Shaper's award-winning and afforable "Starter House" series of products.

A full offering of exit and emergency lighting, including a full range of fluorescent battery packs and lighting inverters.

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Distributed addressable lighting control products and solutions.

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Greengate offers emergency power control solutions to create safe and efficient environments.
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Dimming, console and software solutions for the ultimate in performance lighting control.
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Universal dimming card controls incandescent, 2-3-4- wire fluorescent, LED and non-dim loads.

LSI Industries has combined its independent lighting companies into one dynamic, unified lighting group. Armed with extensive product lines, vast service capabilities, and strategically-located manufacturing and distribution centers, LSI lighting professionals are focused on meeting product and service needs. LSI is committed to advancing technology, to produce affordable, high performance, energy efficient lighting and graphic products that bring value to customers.

page7image9704 LSI OUTDOOR
LSI Outdoor Lighting offers a wide array of energy-efficient fixtures in both vertical and horizontal burn with a variety of high-performance optical systems to meet your particular lighting needs. These professional-grade fixtures and poles are packed with value.
page7image10304 LSI INDOOR
LSI Indoor Lighting is dedicated to producing specification-grade and premium-grade interior lighting products. Utilizing innovative ballast and lamp technology, these energy-efficient fluorescent and HID fixtures deliver solid performance and value in virtually any application.
page8image6448 LSI LED
LSI has more experience in fixture design and manufacturing than any other LED company; more LED experience than any other lighting manufacturer. LSI has invested considerable resources to develop the best solid-state lighting technology available to give reliable LED solutions that deliver the best lighting for the application.

page8image9744 LSI LANDSCAPE
LSI Greenlee Lighting luminaires offer a lighting system that will add beauty, safety and security to projects and help create the desired image. They light and transform their structures and landscapes.

page8image10344 LSI SPORTS
LSI has more experience in fixture design and manufacturing than any other LED company; more LED experience than any other lighting manufacturer. LSI has invested considerable resources to develop the best solid-state lighting technology available to give reliable LED solutions that deliver the best lighting for the application.


Manufacturer of architectural site, walkway and exterior light fixtures

Our mission is simple: Make lighting an asset for your business, not a maintenance problem. Our core principle is to put money back in our customer’s pockets by reducing their overall energy consumption. This can only be done with Artemis LED!

Unmatched quality, appearance and performance in suspended indirect fluorescent lighting.
Ask about the award-winning "Winglite" with fully integrated downlights, track lighting and exit signage.

Best Lights manufactures direct metal halide fixtures, indirect metal halide fixtures, T-5 Fluorescent fixtures and T-8 Fluorescent fixtures.
Our fluorescent retrofit kits replace 4 lamp T-12 with 2 lamp T-8.

The nation’s largest independent distributor of poles. Our source for quality fiberglass poles
C3 Lighting designs, engineers, and manufacturers LED-based lighting products for specialized applications.
caman lighting
Camman Industries has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality church lighting the industry has to offer.
Projects both large and small receive the level of craftsmanship and experience that only an industry leader possesses.

The industries most rugged and reliable landscape lighting luminaires.
Specializing in low voltage sources and delivering a superior solid cast bronze construction at price points less than a typically inferior aluminum equivalent.
Celestial Lighting manufacturers LED and lighting luminaires, which include marquee lighting, outdoor backlighting, architectural indirect lighting, backlighting, architectural indirect, and cove lighting.

Continental Pole & Lighting manufacturers’ decorative poles and lighting fixtures.

DSPM, Inc. manufacturers power conversion products.


Edison Price Lighting manufacturers recessed and surface mounted apertures
Round and Square – LED, LV, HD, PAR, CFL, museum quality track fixtures (LED, MH, PAR)-, and track systems (Surface, Recessed, Pendent).

Since the introduction of our first product in 1978, Emergi-Lite has pioneered and has led engineering
specifications in the manufacture of reliable, quality emergency lighting equipment.

A full range manufacturer of emergency lighting products.

A global provider of advanced niche lighting products, including fiber optic and LED technology.

Color changing LED. Visually enhancing environments with energy efficient LED technology. Brings dramatic visual appeal to any architectural space or feature.

Incon Lighting manufacturers Energy Star Light Fixtures that are ideal for hotel lighting. Their products are the ideal source for energy efficient lighting needs.

Producers of the T-Bar LED Smartlight. An innovative LED fixture designed in the shape of a standard cross tee for integration into the exposed grid of suspended ceiling systems.

KlusDesign Company is a manufacturer of LED lighting products. Klus has been designing and manufacturing for over 30 years.

Architects, engineers and designers call on Legion to help solve their design objective.
Legion has long been acknowledged as a premier manufacturer of high-quality specification grade lighting.


Decorative lighting manufacturer with pendants, suspension, and flush mount lighting.
There eclectic designs and decorative forms saturated with intense color, celebrate the functional artistic nature of lighting, and accentuate the relationship between glass, art, and lighting.

Tubelite, RibbonLite/Tapelight, marquee-style PoinTrak, low voltage aisle light, and fluorescent channel lights of any configuration.

Period post top lighting. Fiberglass and aluminum decorative poles to compliment a wide fixture selection.
Turn any area into a decorative streetscape!


Mercury Lighting Products Co., Inc. is a fully integrated manufacturer of lighting products.
They manufacture architectural, commercial industrial and recessed fixtures.

Today NAFCO supplies an ever-expanding customer base, and its product lines have grown to include both aluminum and steel light poles in decorative, tapered and straight styles.


Norwell Lighting and Accessories manufacturers’ high quality solid brass interior and exterior lighting. Norwell offers unique and contemporary lighting designs.

Primus Lighting specializes in small profile lighting fixtures for accent, merchandising and the illumination of architectural features.

Established in 2006 is located in Stow, Ohio. We have made major installations of custom fixtures in billion dollar hotel projects. Prospetto Light continues to grow as a premier choice of architects, lighting engineers, designers, showrooms and discerning households.

Lighting specialists for hazardous and extreme environments.
Class I Division II Hazardous, Class I Division I Explosion Proof, Elevator Pit Lights, Dock Lights.

Architectural lighting preferred by designers around the world. Contemporary and high-tech, this product adds design flair to any product.

Manufacturer of a wide array of architectural products.
Specializing in exterior bulkhead fixtures, decorative area lighting, bollards, pendants, domes, lowbay lighting, cylinders and sconces.

Recessed downlights, cylinders and domes. Capability of altering fixtures to meet special needs.

SportSentry Systems is a lighting control system manufacturer that supplies systems and lighting in all types of outdoor athletic venues.

Architectural neon and cold cathode provide a unique flexibility and quality not attainable using conventional lighting.
Create inspiring atmospheres with use of color.

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